Aluminium Double Glazed Windows and Doors Bexleyheath, Kent Aluminium Double Glazed Windows and Doors Bexleyheath, Kent
Aluminium Double Glazed Windows and Doors Bexleyheath, Kent
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D.W.Installations are specialists in providing replacement or new Aluminium doors in Bexleyheath, Kent and the surrounding area.

If you are looking for all the advantages of Aluminium in either a traditional or modern door, then you should definitely consider the "Choices" range of Aluminium doors.

The "Choices" Aluminium range in Bexleyheath, Kent consists of multiple styles, such as: Patio Sliding, Residential, Multi-Folding and Commercial doors. All of which require minimum upkeep and will not need painting or staining.

For those occasions when you do need to clean them, all doors in the "Choices" collection are easily accessible, making them easier to clean than any other door on the market. On top of that all of our doors possess superb thermal efficiency, saving you money on your bills, whilst looking great.

"'Choices' Aluminium doors save you money through reduced energy bills, and also lower your carbon footprint. All whilst looking stylish."

D.W.Installations supply Choices Aluminium Doors in Bexleyheath, Kent

Aluminium Residential Doors

With slim butt hinges and exquisite sculptured details, every one of "Choices" Aluminium Residential doors provide the perfect picture frame view. Looking through a stunning door that has been tailored-made to withstand all weathers and the test of time is just one of the benefits of a "Choices" Aluminium Residential door.


Aluminium Patio Sliding Doors

Our ISO 9001 approved Aluminium Patio Sliding doors enhance the appearance of any property. With their angled external faces that deflect unwanted dirt and water, and their slim profiles that match D.W.Installations’ windows and residential doors. They are ideal for sunrooms and conservatories.

Aluminium French Doors

"Choices" Aluminium French doors offer the combination of both modern and traditional looks, security, durability and outstanding thermal efficiency. They also provide easy access to your exterior and double up as a great divider between your home and your conservatory. Only using a small amount of space to fully open.

Aluminium MultiFolding Doors

"Choices" Aluminium MultiFolding doors bespoke designs are tailored to perfectly match the current style of any property. This allows natural light to fill your home, and also provides the opportunity to bring the outside, in. All of our doors have a fast turnaround, and are great for saving energy, with a sophisticated locking system, available to be fitted on a vast array of colours.


Commercial Aluminium systems

"Choices" Aluminium range also covers those who own a commercial property, such as: those with an office, pub, restaurant or shop. These properties are prone to large amounts of foot traffic.

We understand that doors being kicked, touched and knocked inadvertently by customers is a huge problem. Therefore we understand it is important to provide a door that is able to stand up to all of this wear and tear, with Aluminium being the best solution.

Practical and Versatile

All of "Choices" Aluminium doors are made from state of the art technology and materials that come "A" rated as standard. Ensuring your Aluminium doors not only look good, but also help you save money due to lower energy bills and also a lower carbon footprint.

Tailored to your specific needs, "Choices" Aluminium doors offer reinforced security, and are made to withstand extreme conditions, providing extra layers ideal for thermal efficiency. Durable, and built to last for a long time, the minimum of upkeep will allow you to keep your "Choices" Aluminium in tip-top condition, and you safe and secure.

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